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"Be Who You want to Be Tomorrow, Today"

Let me tell you who I am and how I got here. I’m just another daughter, mother, sister, wife and friend who survived years of abuse.  Somehow along the way I found a way to unconditionally accept, love and respect myself while learning to find joy and happiness in my life including the fulfillment of healthy relationships.

I want to share what I learned with the world so we as a human race can stop the cycle of abuse and start healing. My desire is for other survivors of abuse to realize they are not alone and to help them discover their own self awareness and courage to heal.  


I am offering workshops, retreats, meet ups and personal consultation appointments to meet the needs of client.

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Speaker, Author, Life Coach

Mannette Morgan

I'm a speaker, author and life coach. Life has presented me with many challenging experiences.  I have personally experienced sexual and emotional abuse, a learning disabilities, family alcoholism. I've been divorced, bankrupt, and widowed as a single parent. Although these experiences have been trying, I am grateful for each and everyone of them.  

I have learn some valuable lessons while obtaining valuable knowledge.  I can honestly say my experiences have taught me patience, tolerance, perseverance and empathy for humanity. These experiences have also empowered me with confidence, strength and self-respect while offering moments of joy and happiness along the way.  

I want to share what I learned with the world so we as a human race can stop the cycle of abuse and start healing. My desire is to teach other survivors of abuse to realize they are not alone.  I want to help them discover their own self-awareness and courage to heal so we can create a movement of healing.  I hope that by sharing my experiences and lessons I've learned I can impart a sense of optimism and hope in your life.  

My experience comes from my own life as well as working professionally with abused women. I have spent years gathering information on how abuse affects individuals. I have accumulated simple skills and techniques that can help survivors emotionally heal. With this knowledge,  I have lead How to Heal After Abuse Workshops with organized groups since 2013. My dream is to help others heal the scars, pain and damage of abuse so survivors can thrive individually as well as in relationships with others. 

I believe in respecting and accepting people's choices, values, and beliefs because everyone has their own path to achieve personal growth and goals.  Personally, I have always found comfort conversing with others who have been through similar experiences as myself.  Be who you want to be tomorrow - today - so you can start healing.